Mattie Montgomery of For Today wants to make a heavy metal/rap-mashup mixtape

Mattie Montgomery, lead vocalist of Christian metalcore band For Today, told Rapzilla that he hopes to release a project in which his sound and hip hop’s would collide in the future.

“It’s been kind of a secret dream of mine for a while to do like a heavy metal, hip-hop mashup mixtape,” he said. “I don’t know what it would sound like or who would be a part of it, but I think that’d be real cool.”

Such a mixtape would not be Montgomery’s first collaboration with a hip-hop artist. Reach Records rapper KB featured Montgomery on track No. 3 of his April 2015 album Tomorrow We Live, “I Believe”.

Montgomery may not know what a heavy metal, hip-hop mashup mixtape would sound like, but he likes the sound that he’s imagining.

“[For Today’s] kind of music is, by definition, underground,” Montgomery said. “It’s polarizing. I think that’s why I like it. It’s aggressive, it’s intense, it’s confrontational — things that I think really are missing in the church, in large part. I love our style of music for that reason, but I feel like hip hop has a bit of that same edge. And I feel like the two, while they may sound different — and hip hop obviously has a lot more mainstream accessibility — I feel like it wouldn’t be a big stretch to mix hip hop and modern metal in a really cool way.”

Last year, Montgomery told Rapzilla that DC Talk played a large influence on his pursuit of music. Read the feature story here: Hanging out with DC Talk after his dad died inspired Mattie of For Today to scream for Jesus.


Written by Philip Rood

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