Rapzilla interviewed Tampa, Florida-based artist Loso about his upcoming EP, Valley of Vision, and he said the concept of the project was birthed out of adversity.

“The last year and a half, [I] went through a huge trial in my life, in which everything was flipped,” Loso said. “I had just came off of winning the Rapzilla 16 Bar Challenge. I had did a little deal with CTF Records, with Serge and Oscar Urbina. I was rolling with KB and HGA, so there was a lot going on in my life that was actually moving me into the direction of full-time ministry. Then something huge happened in my life, and so, when that happened, everything got flipped upside down.”

Loso said BJ Thompson, founder of Build A Better Us and former outreach director of ReachLife Ministries, reached out after the trial and encouraged him over the course of a few weeks — encouragement which Loso credited with helping spark the idea to make the theme of his project Valley of Vision, which is the name of a collection of Puritan prayers.

“[The Puritans’] whole big thing is, ‘The way up is the way down,'” Loso said. “Look at things from when you’re in the depths, when you’re at your lowest, and that’s where you see best.”

Loso has not announced a release date for Valley of Vision, but he has dropped three singles for the project so far — “Not From This World”, “On My Mind” and “Valley of Vision”.

“Now that I’m finishing this project up, I just feel like, ‘Man, now I see clear,'” Loso said. “There’s this dope African proverb — don’t look into it — but I just thought the African proverb was actually dope. It says, ‘Don’t look where you fell, but where you tripped.’ And I know for me, I could get so caught up with where I’m at, but, man, what got me here? What were the steps that I was taking that led me to destruction?”

Watch his two-part interview below.