Lecrae was recently a guest on an interview segment of Relevant Magazine’s podcast. The Reach Records emcee briefly broke down some of the topics discussed on his new album Church Clothes 3.

The hosts asked Lecrae what the difference between a full album, Anomaly, is compared to a more mixtape record such as CC3. The rapper said CC3 focuses more on content and not as much on “musicality” and “tweaks” to make it perfect. The sound is rawer and not as labor intensive.

It is straight forward, “raw energy…like a Donald Trump speech, no thought,” he joked.

The hosts said that parts of the album feel like an open wound, specifically the content of the first track “Freedom.” The song looks to tackle some of the big relevant topics that are happening in the news.

“It’s almost like acknowledging the climate we exist in,” asserted Lecrae. “I think you’d have to be a fool to not feel like there’s not racial tension, there’s not, Islamaphobia, and all these types of phobias existing right now. I have a largely conservative fanbase so it’s almost like, ‘Hey hey guys, what’s happening right now?’ Let’s talk about this and put this stuff out there.”

He continued, “This has to be spoken about.”

Another song that caught the attention of Relevant was “Sidelines.” Lecrae said the song addresses the “critics” and “naysayers” who attack him saying he isn’t Conservative enough or for the people who say, he’s too conservative.

“They scared that I’ma cause these babies to stumble/ They scared that my integrity is gon’ crumble, appreciate the prayers/ But all that pressure either gon’ make you humble/ Or make you hang out on the sidelines, and fear you gon’ fumble” Lecrae raps in the song.

The interview was brief but in that quick time, Lecrae gave a solid bit of insight into just a few tracks off his album.

Click here for the full interview (from 68:00 – 78:00).

Lecrae also became the first rapper to be on the cover of Relevant Magazine, as he graced the cover of the January/February issue.

“He’s a Christian icon and one of the biggest names in hip-hop,” the subheading of the article reads, “But you already know that. What you don’t know is the jaw-dropping story of the man behind it all.”

The emcee is currently on his 32-city Higher Learning Tour that will run through April.