Lawren and his go-to producer, GordonBeats, sat down with Rapzilla at Flavor Fest to talk about Lawren’s next EP, Dos.

“Dos, if you don’t know, for my Spanish folk out there,” Lawren said, “it just means ‘two’ in Spanish.”

Lawren then explained the concept of the unannounced EP.

“Basically, the whole theme of the project is like a call to putting yourself behind,” Lawren said. “I hate to say ‘play the background’ and whatnot, but really, if God’s first in your life, then everybody else in the world is before you. It’s really a call to be humble.”

Lawren released his debut EP, HVNTS, which is available for free download on Rapzilla, in March 2015. GordonBeats, the 2015 Rapzilla Beat Battle runner-up, produced four out of five tracks on HVNTS.

The duo also shared that Dos will include production by Wontel and a feature from Beleaf.

Watch their three-part interview below.