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Kanye West’s ‘The Life of Pablo’ is Not the ‘Gospel’ He Proclaims it to be

Kanye West’s ‘The Life of Pablo’ is Not the ‘Gospel’ He Proclaims it to be

Yesterday we posted an article about our theory speculating Kanye West’s new album The Life of Pablo being an album about the Apostle Paul. We heard the album last night, and we were definitely wrong about the gospel part. However, Kanye did confirm that the album is indeed about Paul.

Sonically, the album has songs that could fall under the gospel music category, but they are muddied with cussing. There is evidence that Kanye is leaning toward faith, and he makes some compelling statements throughout the album to suggest a spark is there. However, the best we can do is tell you to pray that Kanye one day comes full circle as a professed Christian not only in his personal life but also his music. While he may, in fact, be a follower of Jesus, many question this because of his use of vulgarity.

The opening track, “Ultra Light Beams,” is awesome, and live you can see some of the crowd was moved by it. In the beginning, of the track, there is a little kid praying and proclaiming God boldly. There is a beautiful gospel choir arrangement consisting of Crystal Lewis, Anthony Evans, and many others. Kirk Franklin even closes out the track with a long prayer. Kanye raps about being in the presence of God and specifically says he is a Christian. Unfortunately, he drops two “F” bombs, and various other cuss words that take the song from an excited “I think he’s there!” to a disappointing, “maybe not.”

Aside from that track, the song “Highlights” also features a strong Christian message that proclaims glory to God. Then, as Kanye comes in, the lyrics once again take the wrong turn.

Again, it appears Kanye is taking steps in the right direction with his faith, but some would say he’s not completely there yet because of his language. Hopefully, the influence of these gospel artists and pastors he is hanging out with will push him even further toward the light. In no way do we suggest picking this record up to add to your Christian/Gospel music collection.

What do you think of Kanye’s new album? Can you be a person of faith but make profane music?

*Update: changed “cursing” to “cussing”, and our theory was right. Kanye posted to Twitter here.


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