Tucson, Arizona-based artist Joey Jewish has revealed details about his second studio album, Beautiful Solitude, which will release on March 11.

The Rapzilla Freshmen 15 member dropped his debut retail album, American Dream, in May 2015. He said Beautiful Solutide, though, is his best work to date.

“I finally found myself,” Joey said. “After separating from the fictitious character I began to believe I was, solitude became my reality. A lonely place where the only person staring back at you is your true self.”

It was this period of time by way of real life situations that Joey experienced the emotions of fear, hate, anger, brokenness and, finally, beauty, all of which inspired Beautiful Solitude.

“That solitude brought something beautiful out of me,” he said. “The sound has changed. Everything has changed. It’s become more creative taken up to new heights… The moral of the story is that even if you find yourself in a place of solitude, don’t worry about it. Flow with the natural course of life and in that solitude, you are going to find who you are, a thing of beauty.”


  1. Beautiful Solitude
  2. The Need
  3. The Fear (feat. Cetan)
  4. The Love (Woah)
  5. The Lone Wolf
  6. The Voices (Interlude)
  7. Sufficient (feat. nobigdyl.)
  8. Motivation (feat. Shiwan & Medrano)
  9. No Filter (feat. Zeek)
  10. The Beginning