Artist, chaseGodtv founder and GRIP Outreach for Youth staff member Joe Solomon sat down with Rapzilla at Legacy Conference 2015 for an interview about working with Reach Records artist KB and more.

“[KB] has plans for a lot of other stuff that he wants to expand in — within music and beyond music — and so my story falls under that as well,” Solomon said last July. “It will be an official type of thing that we’ll be doing. He’s getting a lot of his ducks in a row right now, him and Natalie behind the scenes as far as financially, legally, organizationally, all that stuff before we move forward.”

Solomon also talked about living with Legacy Conference founder Brian Dye while working for GRIP, a nonprofit that addresses the needs of fatherless teens in inner-city Chicago. Solomon referenced an article in the interview that Rapzilla published last July, How a stray bullet, ‘crazy’ faith and Lecrae played roles in story behind Legacy Conference.

“Just living with Brian and learning a lot about opening your home up, caring for the hood, caring for those who are vulnerable, caring for those who are usually looked over,” Solomon said. “When you’re talking about starting up a ministry or a church and working with God’s people and wanting to make disciples, there’s not money in that. There’s not a lot of glory and money to be made.

“It’s just been real humbling and challenging to see a man really be about that action, boss.”

Watch Solomon’s three-part interview below.