Ask 100 well-informed Christian hip-hop fans who the best lyricist affiliated with the subgenre is right now. A significant fraction of those 100 may say Tragic Hero.

The Camden, New Jersey-based artist released his highly-anticipated retail debut album My Own Worst Enemy in June, and it somehow exceeded expectations. It didn’t chart as well as most projects by Best Artist nominees did, but it solidified him as one of the talented emcees in Christian hip hop.

He also made his presence felt on numerous features. The list included Alex Faith and Dre Murray’s Southern Lights: Overexposed, Taelor Gray’s The Mocker and the Monarch, Dre Murray’s 34 and Tony Tillman’s Camden.

As a result, fans voted him in the summer to be an official performer at the popular hip-hop festival A3C. Then in October, VIBE listed him as one of six on-the-rise Latino emcees.

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