John Givez, Beleaf and Ruslan of the Dream Junkies revealed details on Friday about their second project together, Good Religion.

Good Religion, the cover art of which is above, will release on March 4. The tracklist for the 12-track project is below.

While fans likely expected few to no features from rappers on the LP, Strange Music emcee Murs makes an appearance on track No. 5, “Left Coast”.

Pre-order Good Religion on iTunes and receive instant downloads of “Take Me Back” and “I Got The Juice”.


  1. Intro (prod. by Jungle Hype)
  2. Take Me Back (feat. Gracy) [prod. by Anthony Cruz]
  3. Boogie Man (prod. by Jruckers & DJ Rek)
  4. I Got The Juice (prod. by Christian Sager & Anthony Cruz)
  5. Left Coast (feat. Murs) [prod. by Bam Beatz]
  6. Shoot Me (prod. by Jruckers)
  7. ShowBiz (prod. by Anthony Cruz, DJ Rek, Lere, Kerry Marshall)
  8. On The Road (prod. by Anthony Cruz, Lere, & Kerry Marshall)
  9. Going Left (prod. by Anthony Cruz)
  10. Answer Your Call (feat. Carlene Crawford) [prod. by Anthony Cruz, Carlene Crawford, & Ruslan]
  11. 2nd Hand Smoke (prod. by Ray Rock)
  12. All’s I Need (prod. by Wontel, Kerry Marshall, & Jruckers)