The reason why Datin took as long as he did — over two years — to release his God Over Money debut album, The Roar, may result in a mixtape in the future.

“I had [my album] almost completed, but then after I signed with the label … a lot of people were coming up to me. They wanted to work, as far as production,” Datin said, “so I kinda almost restarted. Actually, to be honest, two songs from the original Roar are going to make this. Everything else got trashed. They’re just laying around.

“You might get a mixtape after The Roar with all that stuff. I feel like it’s dope. It’s not trashed. But it’s just not going to make the album.”

GOM dropped The Roar on Feb. 12. The LP debuted on Billboard this week at No. 18 among top independent albums, No. 11 among top Christian albums and No. 6 among heatseeker albums.

Buy The Roar on iTunes, and watch Datin’s two-part interview about the album below.