Christian Hip Hop’s Best of awards are back again! If we would’ve told you that Reach, Humble Beast and Lamp Mode would only release a combined six albums in 2015, you probably would’ve thought it’d be a slow year for Christian hip hop.

It wasn’t — at all.

The aforementioned labels have been invaluable to the subgenre for years, and they still are, but Christian hip hop’s population of dope artists continued to grow in 2015.

NF and Capitol CMG put up numbers that no one outside of Reach has done in this era. Andy Mineo, John Givez and JGivens, among others, turned heads on mainstream hip-hop outlets. And several artists — like Kaleb Mitchell and Aha Gazelle — became fan favorites almost overnight.

This brief rundown obviously left out many key players and memorable moments, but that’s what Rapzilla’s Best Of nominations are for.

To qualify to be nominated, the artist must have released an official full length album, or EP available at retail outlets (with the exception of the New Artist and Free Album categories) with a release date between December 2014 and December 2015.

Rapzilla combed through those memories for its annual Best-of Awards. After days of heated debates, our staff nominated artists and art for nine different categories — Best Artist, Album, Free Album, EP, Single, Group, New Artist, Producer, Music Video and Album Cover.

Fan vote decides the victors. Voting ends on 3/4/16.