Christian emcee and battle rapper, Th3 Saga will be teaming up with Big T to face off against Charlie Clips and John John Da Don at the March 26 Double Impact URL event.

The event will take place at Irving Plaza in New York City and will feature a unique night of battles featuring only two on two matches. After battling each other on separate occasions, Th3 Saga and Big T will be pairing for the first time. Th3 Saga, has been featured on several singles over the past few months — IDJ’s “Put You On Game”, Angie Rose’s “Bright Lights” and Charles Goose’s CHH”.

On Dec. 12 at Gramercy Theater in New York, Th3 Saga was paired against Chilla Jones on its A Perfect Day To Die card, and video of the battle has been released. Warning: Explicit language is used. Fast forward to 3:56 for the battle.