Where Kirk Franklin thinks Christian hip hop can improve

Rapzilla recently asked legendary gospel artist Kirk Franklin how he thinks Christian hip hop can improve.

“More production, less safety,” he said.

Franklin expounded on both, touching on the latter first.

“There’s a real conversation after church that happens that I think Christian hip hop needs to be inclusive of,” he said. “Does that makes sense? There’s a church parking lot conversation, but Christian hip hop still at times sounds like the 11 o’clock service conversation …

“And I think that the production just still needs to be more fearless. Because that’s what hip hop is, you know. The heartbeat of hip hop is being fearless and being a rebel, but still staying true to the authenticity of scripture, and the inerrancy of scripture, and I believe that they both can coexist.”

What do you think of Franklin’s thoughts?

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Written by Philip Rood

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