Atlanta-based hip-hop/alternative artist Sherrod White is set release his new EP, Frsh X Strt, on Jan. 29.

“With Frsh X Strt, the goal is to introduce to those who are unfamiliar with me as well as re-introduce myself to the folks that have been rocking with me from day one to my current sound, new musical direction,” White said. “Besides a few singles here and there, I haven’t released any type of body of work since 2012, and a lot has changed in that time span. I wanted to give the people this project before the full-length album comes out, which will be released later this year.

“The central theme of this project is that we don’t have to wait until some significant date, new year or event to happen, to provoke change, be impactful or even strive for greatness. Each new day God graces us to see is truly a fresh start. Even though this is a short project, it’s still personal and speaks to the heart of people.”

Pre-order FRSH X STRT on iTunes or Amazon.

Frsh X Strt tracklist:
1. Made It (feat. Hillary Hand) [prod. by Sherrod White, add. prod. by Tone Jonez]
2. No Silence (prod. Sherrod White)
3. Frsh X Strt (feat. Jessica Kent) [prod. by Tone Jonez]