Two-thirds of the Dream Junkies — a San Diego-based rap group made up of John Givez, Ruslan and Beleaf — recently sat down with Rapzilla to talk about the collective’s upcoming, unannounced album.

In March 2014, the Dream Junkies’s debut project as a trio, NREM Edition, released to critical acclaim. Since then, each member has put out well-received solo LPs — Beleaf with Red Pills + Black Sugar, Ruslan with Do For One and Givez with Soul Rebel. Releasing together again, the expectations are now higher than their previous collaboration.

Ruslan and Beleaf’s three-part interview about the next Dream Junkies’s album, as well as their mission as a movement, is below.

“It makes you want to hug yourself,” Beleaf said. “It’s a real complex joint that’s all about the people. Our own individual albums are really focused to our audience and how we feel and emotional, but the Dream Junkies record is like a collective joint for the people. It’s all about inspiring the people to be themselves and to go after their dreams.”

“Our ultimate goal is to make the soundtrack for you to go out and live God’s dream for your life,” Ruslan said, “and I don’t really feel like anybody’s speaking to that in our genre, and I don’t feel like anybody’s speaking to that in any genre, any style of music.”