300 Entertainment — home to Fetty Wap, Young Thug and Migos, among others — has announced the schedule for its Young Hustle Tour, which will open at the House of Blues in Houston on Friday and feature Reconcile as a special guest.

Fetty Wap, Young Thug and Migos aren’t on the tour, rather their label mates Rich The Kid, T-Wayne, Tate Kobang and TK N Cash, as well as Rejjie Snow.

The Frontline Movement founder told Rapzilla after he released his most recent project, Catchin’ Bodies, in September that his music resonates with a different crowd than the traditional Christian hip hop artist’s.

“If I would’ve played my project to the average Christian hip-hop fan right now, I don’t know, you might get mixed reviews,” Reconcile said. “Some people might like it. Some people might not. But when I take this project, and I play it out in the streets for people who may not even be Christian, bro … people are moved to tears. People want to change their life, dog. … I’m out here for the people who nobody cares about.”

As of now, Reconcile is an independent artist with a production deal with Track or Die. He dropped his newest song, “Cross On Me (Trill)”, this past week.