Steven Malcolm, who Rapzilla celebrated last month as a member of its 2016 Freshman class, shared a bit of his story in a recent interview.

The Grand Rapids, Michigan-based artist said he set foot inside of a church for the first time five years ago.

“Because it was a hip-hop church,” he said.

After Malcolm became a Christian, he was soon recruited to join the worship team and encouraged to pursue music further. Between now and then, he dropped his debut album Monsters Ink, won Canon’s “Go Off” challenge and been featured on KB’s “Sideways (Remix).”

Watch Rapzilla’s three-part interview with Malcolm below. He also talked about his background as a dancer and how he incorporates dancing into his concerts, as well as how he connected with the COBRA, the team that produced the “Sideways Remix.”

Malcolm said he plans to release an EP this year.

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