Ki’Shon Furlow talks mixtape ‘Keep an Open Mind’


In a recent interview, Rapzilla Freshman 2016 member Ki’Shon Furlow broke down the Keep an Open Mind mixtape that he released in October.

Keep an Open Mind has kind of evolved in what it’s meant,” he said. “But for me, what it really means is, asking the listeners to not put me inside of a box.”

Furlow, whose battle rap performances have been featured several times on Rapzilla this past year, set out to disprove the stereotype that battle rappers struggle to write songs. He also wanted to show that he could make music that resonates with Christians and non-Christians.

Watch each segment of Furlow’s interview below, as well as him rapping a verse a capella from “The Opening,” track No. 2 of the mixtape.

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