J-GILES Son is set to release his upcoming album, Kill To Protect, on Feb. 24.

“The connection between protection and love is clear in scripture,” J-GILES Son said in a press release. “God loved the world so much that he gave his one and only son so that, instead of death, we could receive eternal life (John 3). Our creator was willing to allow us to take the life of His Son so that we could be protected.

“Not only is this true, but we as believers are called to let go of our lives, placing them on the altar of God’s will and follow Christ. If we lose our lives, we are gaining life (Romans 12).

“There is a time for everything… a time to kill and a time to heal (Ecclesiastes 3); now is the time to Kill to Protect, in a similar manner to our Heavenly Father. We are at war against the forces of darkness and evil in this world, and we must fight for our faith, our families and our future. Those who come to war casually become casualties (Miles Welch). In his seventh album Kill to Protect, J-GILES Son explores these realities … the fight that must take place within and in this world in order to live a life to the full in devotion to God and family as opposed to merely self, which is the way of the world.”

1. No Threat to Stand (feat. Benjah & Mouthpi3ce)
2. Willing to Kill (feat. Alano Adan & KayLa Starks)
3. Solution or Problem (feat. Wise from Nothing Over God)
4. Lamentation
5. Trust Issues (feat. Swift)
6. Like London Boi
7. Wanna Do
8. Shalom
9. In Every Word (feat. Kaitlin Connor)
10. Kill to Protect Interlude
11. So Alive (feat. Kaitlin Connor)