DJ Promote on why he hardly listens to rap anymore, state of hip hop

DJ Promote, who joined Lecrae on both stints of The Anomaly Tour and will travel with him again from February through April on the Higher Learning Tour, recently chatted with Rapzilla about the state of hip hop, which he isn’t as much of a fan of as he one was.

“I personally don’t really listen to hardly any rap anymore because when I got into rap,” Promote said, “it was because it was like a party. …

“Nowadays, there’s like one style. It’s like pop rap or real emo, so it’s really hard to get into either for me because I want to throw a party, and a lot of stuff you can’t use. And it’s super ratchet nowadays, too, so it’s even harder to use the popular songs that make it big.”

Promote said he uses electronic dance music (EDM) now as a DJ like he used to use hip hop because there’s more variety.

“I think certain genres just hit a point, and then they stay that,” Promote said, “so like disco, funk, jazz. All those get to a place, and they just stay that, and then they influence other music. I feel like hip hop might have run its course as far as evolving.”

Watch the interview below.

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David Daniels
David Daniels
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