Reflection Music Group artist Deraj previewed his unreleased collaborative EP with label mate B. Cooper in an interview with Rapzilla at Flavor Fest.

The EP is titled For The People and has no announced release date, although RMG has confirmed it will drop this spring (not end of 2015 like Deraj said in video below). Producers Dirty Rice, Super Duper, G-Roc, Cardec Drums and SykSense all contributed to the project.

In the interview, Deraj talked about why he and B. Cooper decided to collab on an entire project, even though they’re notably different artists.

“There is kind of like a contrast or a juxtaposition between me and Coop,” Deraj said. “It could be more relational than anything ’cause me and Coop we’ve — and I think out of everybody on RMG; we’re all family — but me and Coop kind of had a bond.

“I don’t know if it’s because we came in around the same time, but personality wise, we just gel. We respect one another as artists, and we’re always about, too, testing creative waters. The fact that we are so different, but we can come together on a unified project and make it sound like one, was a cool challenge.”

Watch his two-part interview about For The People below. On Friday, Rapzilla premiered the lead single for the EP, “Squad” featuring Derek Minor.