Rapzilla caught up with Germany-based Christian hip-hop group Capo Di Capi in Europe to talk about the state of the subgenre in its country, as well as its name which means “Boss of Bosses” in Italian.

Capo Di Capi has been featured on Rapzilla over the years for its music videos “Mehr als Musik,” “Nur bei Dir” and “Fürchte Dich Nicht.”

The group put out with six projects before its members became Christians and have since released four more: Für Dich (For You) in 2009, Das könnte dein Leben verändern (This Could Change Your Life) in 2010, Auf Weissem Stein (On White Stone) in 2013 and Dreivierdrei (Three Four Three) in 2015.

Dreivierdrei, which dropped this past July, is available for purchase on iTunes and Amazon. Dreivierdrei features American rapper Sevin, who recently signed with Bizzle’s record label God Over Money.

Check out the three-part interview with Capo Di Capi below.