Jesus + Nothing = Everything, a book written by famed pastor and Billy Graham’s grandson Tullian Tchividjian, was credited by rapper Big Fil for helping him write his new album I’m Just Being Me (IJBME), which released on Jan. 15.

“That book really did something to me,” Big Fil said. “It challenged me through the gospel to understand that I’m free to be who I am, and free to be a failure, and not look at the world like it’s over, but know that Jesus has paid it all. That’s where I’m at.

“I really wanted to, in this album, take it back to where we understand that the gospel is the most powerful message on Earth. We can talk about everything else, but to find that is to find out who you are.”

The “Worship Over Swag” artist, who had put out his previous album, Stadium Status, in Jan. 2013, may have taken longer if it wasn’t for Jesus + Nothing = Everything.

“That’s the book that kinda really inspired to go after this,” Big Fil said. “I been running from me for so long. Man, I think you cheat people out of life when you don’t give them who you are. I think you cheat yourself, number one. But I think there’s a joy in being you.”

The 12-track IJBME features Dre Murray, D-Maub and Roy Tosh, among others. Buy it on iTunes. Watch Rapzilla’s two-part interview with Big Fil below.

“To know who you are, you got to know who God is,” Big Fil said, “but the way you do that is channeling through others, being able to confess, being able to love, being able to give who you are as far as your gifts, your talents, your personality, your character.”