Over the past couple of months, Dream Junkies rapper Beleaf has been releasing weekly vlogs on his YouTube channel, Beleaf In Fatherhood, which he talked about in an interview with Rapzilla.

“I noticed a lot of rappers or emcees don’t talk about the fact that they have children and they spend time with their children, besides like T.I. He’s the only person that talks about it,” Beleaf said. “And I think people look down upon it. They think when you turn a certain age or you get married or you get kids, you can no longer be real … You can no longer rap well.

“I wanted to show people that it’s all a balance, and I wanted to inspire fathers to stick around and stick it out through the tough times.”

Beleaf also said that he wanted to re-brand himself by showing his lighter side after he dropped a darker LP, Red Pills + Black Sugar, in July 2014.

A Beleaf in Fatherhood-related music project could drop at some point as well.

“It’s going to be like Theo’s Gift, Pt. 2,” he said, “without all the Cosby references.”

Watch the full interview below.

“I’ve never had a job this hard. It’s so emotionally draining. Sometimes I look at myself, and I just cry in the mirror. Sometimes I encourage myself, and I say, ‘You’re a good dad.’ Because they’ll never tell me that,” he laughed.”

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