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Andy Mineo Says Lecrae is More ‘Like a Big Brother’ Than a Boss

Andy Mineo Says Lecrae is More ‘Like a Big Brother’ Than a Boss

Reach Records artist Andy Mineo shared that label-mate “Lecrae’s been like a big brother to me in so many ways” on a new episode of 24/7HipHop.

He sites Lecrae’s vast life experience, his knowledge as a businessman and entrepreneur, and his wisdom as a father and husband greatly influence Mineo in his life. “I learn lots of valuable lessons.”

“Ignore the critics, engage the skeptics, and feed the needy” is one of those gems that Mineo uses as a public figure.

Another one of his favorite Lecrae moments was immediately after he was signed. Mineo was expecting to hear about his future plans on the label, and the 116 leader instead, told Andy to open a savings account to get his “money right.”

That moment showed him that Lecrae was interested in growth as a person and not just as a product or brand of the label. “Lecrae is a real stand up dude.”

Other instances Mineo reflects on is professionalism in meeting deadlines, appointments, and how to conduct an interview. these small yet important things have been crucial in Mineo’s career.

Lecrae also brings Mineo back to Earth. “You’re talent can take you further sometimes than your character can handle.”

Another video features Mineo explaining how female fans interact with him. Before he was married women used to send him care packages with insinuating messages. He admitted that since being married, most of the female fans have been respectful to him.

He also shared a story about being in London with Lecrae. A fan posed with them for a picture and when it was all set she quickly threw herself back to make it look like she was twerking on Lecrae. “It’s little slick stuff, it’s not so overt,” Mineo said.

These were just two videos of the seven Mineo interview for. Follow the links to the videos to see the rest.

Do you think more labels and major artists should follow the lead of Lecrae, or should artists figure things out on their own?


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