Atlanta-based rap group AMP, which is formed by artists Sam Ock, J. Han and CL, will re-release a previous album of their this week with new songs.

On Jan. 29, AMP will drop Glory Songs Deluxe Edition, a reissue of its 2012 album Glory Songs. The tracklist is below. Tracks 1-13 made up the original Glory Songs, and 14-17 are new.

Since the release of Glory Songs, AMP released its EP The Transition, and Sam Ock and J. Han have put out several solo projects, including LPs Grey and Tower Ivory, respectively.

1. Amplify
2. No Other Place
3. Beauty
4. Everywhere
5. You Lift Me Up
6. For The Day
7. No Turning Back
8. Worthy Is The Lamb
9. New Creation
10. Your Word
11. Wonderful
12. People’s Song
13. Triumphant
14. Faithful (Bonus Track)
15. Refiner’s Flame (Bonus Track)
16. The Master (Bonus Track)
17. Amplify (Remix)