Adrian Stresow, who Rapzilla named a member of its 2016 Freshman class last week, will release his upcoming album, Pajama Day, for free exclusively on Rapzilla.

Pajama Day drops on Friday, Jan. 8. Above is the cover art and below is the tracklist.

1. Carpool (Skit)
2. Really Dope Intro (prod. by Adrian Stresow)
3. Time (prod. by Adrian Stresow)
4. Go (prod. by Adrian Stresow)
5. All of Us (feat. Kaleb Mitchell) [prod. by Adrian Stresow]
6. Slippin’ (feat. Surf Gvng) [prod. by D-Flow & Tyshane]
7. Happy Hour (feat. Sam Stan) [prod. by Adrian Stresow & Wontel]
8. Fall (prod. by Adrian Stresow)
9. Moments (prod. by Adrian Stresow)
10. Hang That Up Bro (Skit)
11. Come Through, It’s Lit (prod. by Cardec Drums)
12. Really Dope Outro

Stresow put out his previous project, the 16-track Senioritis, for free in April 2015. Download it on