Texas-based rapper 5ive revealed on Friday that he is set to release a new album this winter.

On March 18, he will drop Flight 393, a project which he explained the inspiration for in a press release.

Flight 393 was inspired by the story of Joseph!” 5ive said. “There is a specific scripture that stood out to me as I was studying that story and that scripture was Genesis 39:3. And it reads: ‘And his master saw that the Lord was with him, and that the Lord made all that he did to prosper in his hand.’

“This text really stood out because it made me ask myself the question, ‘Can the people I have been placed on this earth to serve who don’t know God see His hand on me?’ And it also made me realize that promotion comes from God and God alone! Over the last year or so, I had been so caught up in trying to keep up with other artists that I took my focus off what God was calling me to do.

Flight 393 is my journey of coming to a place where I don’t care what everyone else is doing or talking about. God called me to do something and to do it in a way that only He can get the glory for doing! Flight 393 is me saying that I must become less so that He may become greater, its my journey to a place of freedom in my music and a place where I am okay with being that guy who always raps about Jesus.

“I am an ex-meth and crack addict who was literally high on meth and crack one night, and the next day I was completely delivered. I don’t know how to tell my story or talk/rap about life situations [without] bringing His name up, ’cause I honestly know and can say if Jesus would have never showed up at 6 a.m. that Sunday morning in November 2010, I would not even have a life to speak about! So this is just me being who He called me to be. Welcome to Flight 393!”

5ive released his previous retail LP, Ain’t Supposed To Be Here, in June 2014. The album featured Dre Murray, Corey Paul and Benjah, among others.

Here is the tracklist with production credits for Flight 393, which the cover art for is above.

1. The Take Off (prod. by Halo Hitz & Spec)
2. Cleared For Take Off Skit
3. Flight 393 (prod. by Spec)
4. Ain’t About Me (feat. Omar & A-Ron) [prod. by Tone Jonez]
5. New Man (feat. John Angel) [prod. by Spec]
6. Turbulence Skit
7. Hold On (prod. by Gordon Beats)
8. Auto Pilot (feat. Je’kob & Spec) [prod. by Spec]
9. Who We Are (prod. by Freek Van Workum)
10. Rowdy Passenger Skit
11. Temptation (feat. J. Monty & Bryann T.) [prod. by Spec]
12. For My Good (feat. Victorious & Antwoine Hill) [prod. by Spec]
13. Dreamer (prod. by Spec)
14. We Made It (feat. Thi’sl) [prod. by Spec]