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5 More Moments Christian Hip-Hop Would Like to Pretend Never Happened

5 More Moments Christian Hip-Hop Would Like to Pretend Never Happened

Many of the Rapzilla readers enjoyed our previous article titled “5 Moments Christian Hip-Hop Would Like to Pretend Never Happened” and after receiving an overwhelming amount of submissions for choices that were worse, we decided to give you all five more.

Now to address some comments. These articles are written in good fun and are not meant to make fun of the artists. It would be nearly impossible to discredit the work of CCM pioneers such as Michael W. Smith, Steven Curtis Chapman, Audio Adrenaline, Carman, and DC Talk. The first three names listed there are well aware of their lack of “rap bars” but were just trying to be innovative and hip. It is something they joke about now.

Carman is a storyteller at heart and was always seeking the “coolest” way to reach souls while DC Talk was just wrecking the industry in every way. They sold out tours, had albums go gold and platinum, and helped open the door for many artists and genres to be introduced to CCM.

With all that out of the way, this list will encounter a few more Christian music legends doing some less than stellar rapping as well as some not so serious (we hope) rapping. So get ready for the onslaught.

1. Newsboys “Taste and See Remix”

You’ll be hard pressed to find someone who has never heard of the Newsboys. The group has been making Christian music since 1985 but didn’t really hit their stride as hit makers until the mid-90s.

Long before they were churning out anthemic songs such as “God’s Not Dead” with Michael Tait as their singer, they were a two-headed vocal band with frontman John James and the well known Peter Furler serving as chief songwriter, vocalist, and drummer.

In 1991, just a year removed from their groundbreaking record Not Ashamed, they released Boyz Will Be Boys. One of the tracks on the album was the fun and very 80s sounding “Taste and See.” However, where this song really starts to lose the listener is on the remix, where Furler pulls out his best Aussie rap impression. But wait, want to see the Newsboys completely lose their minds? Watch the video below, no further words necessary.

Highlight: “Ya’ll want this party started quickly, right?” and also the human centipede sequence…just watch.

Bonus Rap (Steve Taylor on “Boycott Hell”):


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