Home Music Exclusive Music Premiere: Skrip – Trendsetter

Exclusive Music Premiere: Skrip – Trendsetter

Exclusive Music Premiere: Skrip – Trendsetter

A Rapzilla.com exclusive music premiere, Chicago rapper and producer Skrip drops “Trendsetter,” a song which begins with dark synths and heavy-hitting bass that transitions to a brighter, catchy, melodic chorus. “Trendsetter” is the second single from Skrip’s upcoming Show and Tell EP releasing Dec. 11.

Skrip had this to say regarding the meaning and inspiration behind the song, “Throughout the centuries man has deemed their work as an advancement of the past, In reality, every pseudo creation of man crumbles before God’s creation. People are often influenced and create by inspiration from other rappers, churches, media, walking into the mall but at the end of the day It is God and God alone who holds the position of Trendsetter. This is an Ode to God’s perfect place as creator. He sets the trends and I ride the waves.”

Pre-order Show and Tell on iTunes now.

Listen to the first single, “Castles In The Sky.”

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