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Rapzilla Ranked No. 5 on 100 Most Influential Hip-Hop Publications

Rapzilla Ranked No. 5 on 100 Most Influential Hip-Hop Publications

Is your favorite hip-hop news site Rapzilla.com? Well, it turns out you are not alone as it was recently ranked number 5 on Style of Sound’s 100 Most Influential Online Hiphop Music Publications in the World.

Not to toot our own Rapzilla.com horn, but thanks to YOU the reader and the flurry of great God inspired rap music in the last year, Rapzilla.com was able to pass up online and print heavy weights such as ThisIs50.com, The Source, Vibe, VladTV, and many more in terms of online presence and influence.

The list was compiled based on a few different measurements. S.O.S. best explains it in their yearly PDF list.

“From June 20, 2014 until June 20, 2015 we tracked every article that our pool of hip hop sites published, along with the the total number of shares, likes, and tweets each article received across Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and Linked in. We then divided the total number of shares by the total number articles published over the year to determine the average shares per article (ASA). It’s this number we use to create our final ranking. What you’ll see is that music sites with higher ASA values have more online influence since the majority of articles they publish are likely to be shared many times, reaching many people in the process.”

While many of the publications on this list have much bigger social media followings than Rapzilla.com, it was the amount of shares per article that gave the site the most impressive result. Over the 991 articles tracked, they were shared a total of 792,700 times giving Rapzilla.com a score of 800.

In comparison, the No. 13 spot, AllHipHop.com, had 4,508,623 social media shares over the course of 10,793 articles giving them a score of 418.

The top most shared article by the Rapzilla.com readers was Lecrae’s 2015 acceptance speech video at the GRAMMY’s when he won for “Messengers.”

The 4 spots ahead of Rapzilla.com on the list in order are: HipHopDX, Complex, XXL, and Rap-Up.

With that being said, thanks for making Rapzilla.com one of the Internet’s most “Influential” sites!


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