Power 105’s ‘The Breakfast Club’ continued its streak of high profile Christian guests with their recent interview of Hillsong NYCs Carl Lentz. On the show, the “celebrity pastor” opened up about his relationship with Justin Bieber, coming to Christ, and his thoughts on “religion.”

Carl Lentz opened up the interview by explaining his “Occupy All Streets” Bible. When asked about the difference between this version and others, he explained that it was written in a way anyone could understand. The way it was written bring “legitimacy” and “reliability” to the Bible in terms of people opening it up and understanding.

He then revealed something interesting in terms of the speculative “prosperity” of Hillsong Church. Lentz said Hillsong Church uses theaters and venues because they can’t afford to buy the space now. All the money that comes in goes to running the operation of the church.

“We’re used to keeping it low, and trying to help people,” he said.

Lentz shared that he often gets flack for the way he dresses. In Hillsong the atmosphere is laid back and not “Sunday’s Best” formal. Lentz wears a short sleeve shirt with jeans, and also reveals the tats of his arm. For many, this is just “too much” for them to handle. He admitted that on several occasions he was almost turned away as a guest speaker because of his appearance.

“What’s a pastor supposed to look like…Jesus is the God who saved us. He had some sandals on and long hair,” said Lentz.

Co-host Charlamagne added in some insight himself saying, “You shouldn’t have a dress code to have a relationship with God.”

DJ Envy, one of the other co-hosts, pressed the pastor on what led him to Christ. Lentz said he played college ball for NC State and sort of walked away from God. When he returned home to Virginia Beach; he felt that he needed to repent and start over again. From there he took a spiritual journey out to Australia where he studied the Bible, and met his wife. “I’ve seen the grace of God move in my life.”

As far as his ties to Justin Bieber, Lentz was introduced to him by a pastor from Seattle. The two hit it off with the young singer even living with Lentz for a month. Bieber wanted to be more passionate about Jesus.

“Justin loves Jesus. He’s trying to figure this out…to his credit, he’s trying to be a man in the public eye,” the preacher said.

Lentz also wanted to clarify this notion of him being a “celebrity pastor” is false. He said 99% of his congregation are regular people. He also stated that it is not about him and people shouldn’t come to just see him preach. Any one can be used by God to deliver a message.

The topic shifted to the church and Christianity. A brief discussion about the “war on Christmas” and Starbucks red cups controversy led Pastor Lentz to say, “I think it’s weird when Christians freak out about that stuff…the world is the world.”

People choose to be one of two things: religious or spiritual. Lentz sees it as religion verse relationship. He defined religion as a set rule code that you have to keep – “Jesus broke that code.” Religion is “you have to” relationship is “I get to.”

Watch the full interview below:

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