Listen to these snippets from Skrip’s upcoming Show And Tell EP releasing December 11, 2015. All songs were written, produced and performed by Skrip.

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“I remember show and tell being my favorite part about school,” Skrip said, “finding something that means a lot to you and then telling the class what it was and what it meant to you. Show and Tell is a musical showcase wrapped into one seven-song project. It’s a mixture of love and war, with songs from the rough and rugged truth (“Underscore 3”) to feeling butterflies at the burger joint after school (“On & On”).

“I wanted to create this project to give the world a little more insight into me as an artist, producer, songwriter and mixing engineer with a fresh variety of sounds and topics that bring about a different series of emotions based on the listener’s mood. I believe If you have something to show the world, then you’ve got to tell the world.”

1. Castles In The Sky
2. Better Part Of Me
3. Trendsetter
4. Underscore 3
5. Tired Of Dreaming
6. On & On
7. Break It Down

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