Jackie Hill Perry, a spoken-word poet and hip-hop artist who once identified as a lesbian, recently answered a question about homosexuality from The Gospel Coalition: “What is the most important thing church leaders can do to help people in their congregations who struggle with same-sex attraction?”

“What was helpful for me was that my leadership did not isolate my same-sex attraction from my whole person,” Hill Perry said. “What I mean is, they looked to see how can I help her in a gospel-centric way that’s holistic because it wasn’t just that I struggled with lesbianism. It was that I struggled with hatred and bitterness and laziness and lack of stewardship and pride. It was a lot to me that was much deeper than my sexuality. …

“When I was able to see that all of me needed Jesus and all of me needed to be whole and all of me needed to be discipled and grow, I think that’s what helped me.”

Watch the full segment of the interview below.

Hill Perry, who released her debut album, The Art of Joy, in Nov. 2014, joined pastors Josh Moody and Kevin DeYoung, as well as Crossway senior vice president Justin Taylor, on panel discussion about homosexuality and the church earlier this year.

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