Derek Minor, who released his fifth studio album, Empire, this past January, told Rapzilla at the 2015 Dove Awards that he’s juggling the creation of a couple of new projects.

“I got a special project with a special production team you’ll hear about very soon,” Minor said.

Minor also talked about the thought process behind his newest single, “No Quit.”

“When I was writing Empire, I was writing through a lot of craziness. My dad had passed, my sister, my aunt. My wife had got into a car accident and fractured her spine. And Canon had fell off of a bridge and shattered his ankle. … And it was really one of those things that’s just persistent focus on building the empire of God.

“Well, ‘No Quit’ is really more of an extension of that. It’s just like, I made that song for the people that are having the worst of times and the worst of days. … If you don’t have a song, ‘No Quit’ is the anthem for you. That’s the record that you put it in your headphones, and you just zone in and just focus on not quitting because I’m here to tell you that there’s light at the end of the tunnel.”