Christian hip-hop pioneer Chille Baby of Gospel Gangstaz asks for financial help after mother’s death

Chille Baby, a member of the legendary Christian hip-hop group the Gospel Gangstaz, recently launched a GoFundMe campaign to request financial support for the funeral of his mother, who died recently.

He posted the following on GoFundMe this week and asked Rapzilla to share it.

Campaign Mommie

Thank you for taking time to read this post. My mother, who is my rock, had pancreatic cancer which spread throughout her body. I am the only one of the kids that can help with her funeral experiences, and I do not want to leave the burden on anyone. My mom told me before she passed away that I was in charge, so I want to honor her request.

When she first became sick, she did not know why she was losing so much weight, and for a long time, she did not tell me the full picture of how sick she really was. I visited during Thanksgiving in Louisiana and saw the extent of her illness.

On the way driving back to California, I hit a deer and totaled my car. Two days later, the doctor call me and said that I would have to fly back to Louisiana; that she wasn’t gonna make it. So I spent Christmas finances and flew right back. She had no insurance, so the responsibility is mine to ensure she has an honorable funeral.

I have been able to fund a portion but am still in need of financial help so that the funeral plans can be completed.

She was my best friend, one of the only people I could confide in and she would keep it confidential. You could talk to her and know that she would support you with wise words and prayer.

I am asking for help, I want to make her proud. She always encouraged me saying, you can make it through anything if you have God on your side. He thought it was her time for a reason, please help me take care of these plans.

I have a timeline, the funds are needed by Friday, December 11th, 2015. Any help you can give will be appreciated.

Thank you,
Chille Baby/Gospel Gangstaz

Donate on GoFundMe.


Written by David Daniels

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