Canon sat down with Rapzilla at the 2015 Dove Awards to share what’s next for him musically, and he opened up about the difficulty of recording again after the life-threatening injury he suffered from his 40-foot fall last year.

“When I first got back, it wasn’t that easy,” Canon said. “The first song, the first lyric that I wrote was Tone’s song off his recent project Camden [“Without You”], and it was hard. It was impossible for me to get in the studio without breaking down. And even to this day, sometimes depending on what I’m writing, I may break down just in the studio.”

The first solo song that Canon released after his injury was “Grateful,” which dropped in September after his record label, Reflection Music Group, put out a documentary on his injury and recovery.

Canon followed up “Grateful” with “The Warm Up” in November, and plans may have changed since the Doves, but he also said that tracks titled “Take It All Away” and “Turn Up With It” were on the way. And his emotion in the studio will be apparent.

“The next song that I’m releasing [“Take It All Away”], I literally break down,” Canon said. “I’m crying on that joint, and I leave it because I’m like, ‘I want people to really see what I’m dealing with; what I’m walking through.'”