This week, Nike revealed the last signature sneaker that will be released during legendary basketball player Kobe Bryant’s NBA career, the Kobe 11, and Christian hip hop-affiliated producer Alex “Big Juice” Hitchens wrote the audio score for the promo video.

Earlier this fall, Big Juice produce two instrumentals for another Nike ad for another star basketball player’s new shoe, LeBron James’s LeBron 13.

Big Juice’s Christian hip-hop production credits include Lecrae’s “No Regrets,” Andy Mineo’s “Death of Me,” Marz Ferrer’s “Incredible,” Trip Lee’s “The Invasion (Hero),” Thi’sl’s “Windows Down,” Swoope’s “Actions Speak Louder” and Shai Linne’s “The Glory of God (Not to Us),” among others.

Watch the Kobe 11 ad below. The shoe will be available on Jan. 9 globally at and select retail locations, according to Nike.

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