Artists share the Christmas present they wanted as a kid but never got

You don’t get everything you want, and this injustice is most glaring on Christmas, thanks to the tradition of giving presents.

Many children approach the requesting of this tradition with a go-big-or-go-home mindset, which can set themselves up for disappointment.

Just for fun, Rapzilla polled a handful of artists about the Christmas present they wanted the most but never received (hint, hint fans).

Bizzle: A magic wand (laughs). I figured if I had a magic wand, I could make every other gift magically appear.

wordsplayed: I remember there was a replica NY Giants punter/placekicker football uniform for kids. It had all of the pads, a helmet, crop top-style jersey, trousers. The works! Only thing they were missing was a cup and accompanying jock strap. I felt like if I didn’t get it, I would die. Like instantly. I don’t remember what I got, but it wasn’t the uniform and my Christmas from hell was in full effect. But I lived another day. I actually ended up getting one a few months later. It smelled weird. Grossly overrated.

Derek Minor: MPC.

Flame: A BMX bike.

Cataphant: A puppy. Hands down. But my brothers were allergic so we couldn’t. Even though I researched hypoallergenic dogs and made a PowerPoint presentation and everything.

Kay Sade: The present I most wanted was a golden retriever puppy, but my mother is terrified of animals, so I never got one.

Foreknown: One year my mom took me out of school early and drove towards Disneyland. She took me miniature golfing across the street from the happiest place on earth. Torture.

Swift: OK, this is weird, but I was the biggest wrestling fan in the world when I was a kid. All I wanted was wrestling toys all the time. So the one thing I’ve always wanted was an authentic WWF Championship belt — not the plastic toy belt, but the real one (or a good replica). Never got it, though. I can’t front, as an adult I still want one, just not as bad (laughs).

KJ-52: Millennium Falcon play set.

BreeKay (of BreeKay x Kasairi): Kasairi was simple and didn’t ask her parents for much. And me, even when I asked for big stuff, my parents still came through for a brat (laughs).

K-Drama: I wanted a Power Rangers Dragonzord but never got it. However, all the things I did receive made up for that for sure.

Steven Malcolm: The Green Ranger sword from the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (laughs).

Angie Rose: I’m having some trouble trying to think of something I never got, but I do remembering wanting a pair of Jordan’s real bad one year, and I ain’t get em (laughs)!

Aha Gazelle: I’d have to say it was a drum set.

J. Monty: Honestly man, I can’t remember a Christmas where my parents didn’t fight to get me whatever I wanted the most. They made it happen one way or another.


Written by David Daniels

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