You don’t get everything you want, and this injustice is most glaring on Christmas, thanks to the tradition of giving presents.

Many children approach the requesting of this tradition with a go-big-or-go-home mindset, which can set themselves up for disappointment.

Just for fun, Rapzilla polled a handful of artists about the Christmas present they wanted the most but never received (hint, hint fans).

Bizzle: A magic wand (laughs). I figured if I had a magic wand, I could make every other gift magically appear.

wordsplayed: I remember there was a replica NY Giants punter/placekicker football uniform for kids. It had all of the pads, a helmet, crop top-style jersey, trousers. The works! Only thing they were missing was a cup and accompanying jock strap. I felt like if I didn’t get it, I would die. Like instantly. I don’t remember what I got, but it wasn’t the uniform and my Christmas from hell was in full effect. But I lived another day. I actually ended up getting one a few months later. It smelled weird. Grossly overrated.

Derek Minor: MPC.

Flame: A BMX bike.

Cataphant: A puppy. Hands down. But my brothers were allergic so we couldn’t. Even though I researched hypoallergenic dogs and made a PowerPoint presentation and everything.

Kay Sade: The present I most wanted was a golden retriever puppy, but my mother is terrified of animals, so I never got one.

Foreknown: One year my mom took me out of school early and drove towards Disneyland. She took me miniature golfing across the street from the happiest place on earth. Torture.

Swift: OK, this is weird, but I was the biggest wrestling fan in the world when I was a kid. All I wanted was wrestling toys all the time. So the one thing I’ve always wanted was an authentic WWF Championship belt — not the plastic toy belt, but the real one (or a good replica). Never got it, though. I can’t front, as an adult I still want one, just not as bad (laughs).

KJ-52: Millennium Falcon play set.

BreeKay (of BreeKay x Kasairi): Kasairi was simple and didn’t ask her parents for much. And me, even when I asked for big stuff, my parents still came through for a brat (laughs).

K-Drama: I wanted a Power Rangers Dragonzord but never got it. However, all the things I did receive made up for that for sure.

Steven Malcolm: The Green Ranger sword from the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (laughs).

Angie Rose: I’m having some trouble trying to think of something I never got, but I do remembering wanting a pair of Jordan’s real bad one year, and I ain’t get em (laughs)!

Aha Gazelle: I’d have to say it was a drum set.

J. Monty: Honestly man, I can’t remember a Christmas where my parents didn’t fight to get me whatever I wanted the most. They made it happen one way or another.