Atlanta-based rapper Alex Faith, who doubles as CEO of the record label Mission House Entertainment, has announced the signing of Justword, who Rapzilla celebrated as a member of its 2015 Freshman class with his group Auditory Fabric earlier this year.

“We’re really excited about the future of Justword as an artist and a person,” Faith said. “We hope to make much of his time here with the label and beyond. He is the epitome of a hard-working, under-valued artist. With the team we have in place and the quality music he is making, we’re looking at a promising 2016 for releases.”

“Mission House is the ‘underdog’ or the ‘new guy’ label, and I’ve always loved stories about the rise of a new champion,” Justword said. “I believed it would be a great benefit mutually. To be provided much and to provide much at the same time is ‘winning at life,” as Alex says … I believed it would give me the opportunity to communicate in my lane, pursue my passion and make music my vocation.”

Justword is the second artist signed to Mission House, the first being Dallas-based singer-songwriter Macon Hatton, who this past summer released his label debut project, Memories, which Faith executive produced. Justword’s label debut project, which Faith also executive produced with Justword, will drop the first quarter of 2016.

“I’ve known him for years as someone who walks with integrity, and the men around him also say as much,” Faith said, “that, and the fact that he is as brilliant a producer as he is a writer, it made sense that we work together in building something new.”

“Alex! He was one of the first and few to reach out, show love and follow through with things,” Justword said. “He believed in me.”