London-based rapper A Star, who released his debut retail EP Revolutionary in March, chatted with Rapzilla about Christian hip hop overseas and more in an interview this year.

“It’s unified,” he said. “A lot of people get along. A lot of people do music with each other. We all know each other. We all kick it.”

A Star said what makes Christian hip hop unique in the UK is artists’ accents.

“I’ve always been strong on my accent,” he said. “Doing grime music is different to how you would hear hip hop. It’s much faster, so a lot of the times, people outside of the UK will be like, ‘Yo’ — especially in the states — ‘we love your music. You’re killing it. We just can’t understand what you’re saying.'”

A Star also talked about Revolutionary and said that he planned to start creating his debut album soon.

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