Hip-Hop music is a major force in today’s music and culture, and it is hard to imagine a time without it. However, in the late 80s and early 90s it was still in its infancy which caused many moments that can be perceived as “Not so Hip-Hop.”

So what is worse than those moments? Answer – when Christian artists, many still popular today, tried to pull off this “new and fancy” style of music.

These five Not So Christian Hip-Hop Moments should be enough for one article.

1. Michael W. Smith “Love Crusade”
Who doesn’t know who M.W.S.? He is among the top Christian artists of all-time and has penned many of the industry’s greatest and most well known worship and contemporary songs.

25 years ago on his acclaimed Go West Young Man record, Smith tried his hand at rapping in the song “Love Crusade.”

Highlight: “So don’t ever let your heart be swayed/ Draw the sword, slay the dragon/ Get on the bandwagon/ And be a fighter on the Love Crusade”

Listen below: (Rap at 2:35)