A Christian hip-hop artist will join Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson in a new 60-second, $150,000 radio advertisement which will air for two weeks starting on Friday in eight markets, ABC News reported.

Miami, Atlanta, Houston, Detroit, Birmingham, Ala., Jackson, Miss., Memphis, Tenn. and Little Rock, Ark. will be introduced to Aspiring Mogul, whose Twitter bio reads, “Christian Republican rapper.” Aspiring Mogul has one song on his YouTube channel, titled “Black Republican.” His website says he’s also a youth discipleship counselor.

“Ministry is my calling,” Aspiring Mogul said. “My entire purpose in life is defined by doing all I can to reach as many possible for the kingdom of God.”

Here is his latest effort, “Freedom,” the ad which Carson claimed was not his idea.

“There are people on the campaign who thought that was a good way to do things, and they’re entitled to their opinions. I support them in doing that, but I probably would have taken a little different approach,” Carson told Think Progress.

In general, the ad was not well-received on social media.

h/t @namenzie