Gospel legend Kirk Franklin was recently on Power 105.1’s “The Breakfast Club” where he kept it real about sexuality, pornography, his conversion to Christ as a teen, and new album Losing My Religion.

Franklin explained to “The Breakfast Club” hosts that growing up in the hood and seeing the struggles around him and in his life, sparked the creation of songs in his head. Host Charlamagne questioned why Franklin didn’t rap to which the artist responded, “I played the piano” before admitting it wasn’t the “coolest” thing in certain circles.

Things got a bit more serious as he opened up on the air about his addiction to pornography. Franklin said he made the mistake of thinking his heart could let go of porn by getting married, but eventually he had to make a confession to his wife.

“Your heart has to be whole, so when you have intimacy…it’s coming from a place of wholeness, not a place of brokenness,” he said.

Franklin did not hold back with his rhetoric and answered the trio of interviewer’s without holding back as he spoke with conviction. Where other Christian artists may have shied away or tipped toed around the subject matter, Franklin was an open book. He even revealed the temptation and trouble pre-marital sex had on his relationship with his wife.

The “Stomp” composer was then asked about the state of the modern church and his thoughts on how it’s appearing to be more about the “paycheck” then saving souls.

“I’m very disappointed in some of the ways we’ve reflected ourselves in the culture,” Franklin said “I’m really hurt that we have not done the best of presenting God to people, it looks more like a hustle.”

Without mentioning names, a certain preacher was brought up for creating a GoFundMe for a jet worth millions of dollars. This is something Franklin felt the need to apologize for, and wishes church would get back to being a beacon for people. He also condemned the message of the “Preacher” reality shows as they distract from the true gospel message.

Charlamagne then asked, “Are you a spiritual or religious person?” Franklin chose neither, instead replying, “I’m a child of God.”

The artist then used a drowning analogy to compare religion and relationship. “Religion stands on the side of the lake and yells what to do,” he said. “What my hero Jesus did, He jumped in the water and saved you.”

As Franklin continued on, there was no subject he did not have a spirit filled gospel answer for, including homosexuality as he was asked about believing you could “pray the gay away?”

He again apologized for the way the church and Christians handle homosexuality. There is a tendency in the church to really tear down people of different sexual orientations . Franklin stood firm in what the Bible says regarding the manner, and confirmed that he chooses to follow the Word as the reference for his life. “Kirk did not write the Bible…God has established His way.”

“We make the Bible this attack manual against gay people, and the Bible is not an attack manual against gay people,” he said.

Franklin also offered some heavy words on why he feels creative/artistic people are often victims of suicide. “Creative people are working in the image of God the Creator. When creative people are not plugged in to the Creator, the creative being is too heavy for creative people to carry on their own.”

He feels a person has to shift that weight to the shoulders of God otherwise they will get “crushed.”

“Stop defining people for what do they do and start teaching people who they are.”

The Losing My Religion artist then closed the interview session out in a prayer, and seemingly gained the respect and ears of hundreds of thousands listening.

Watch the full interview below:

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