Columbus, Ohio-based rapper Yaves revealed details for his next project on Friday.

Prince Among Thieves 3, a mixtape that Yaves will release three versions of — two free and one retail — will drop on Nov. 3. Pre-order the retail version on iTunes or Amazon.

Prince Among Thieves 3 will be the second project that Yaves puts out this year, having released his EP In Winter’s Ear in February.

1. Never Perish
2. Salute
3. The Purge
4. Mom’s Interlude
5. Lord Have Mercy (feat. Hodgie XVII)
6. Gold D’s
7. Tokyo Drift (feat. NSG JeanLuke, J-Word)
8. Pastel Shades (feat. Ron Riley)
9. Mom’s Interlude 2
10. On Go
11. Run Flat
12. King or Pawn (feat. Ceezar)
13. Smooth Sailing
14. Mom’s Interlude 3
15. Hmmm Freestyle

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