St. Louis-based rapper Tory Starks (formerly known as Future) revealed the tracklist and cover art of his upcoming album, 2AM, on Thursday.

“I believe in Tory Starks’s music and his conviction for Biblical truth,” Thi’sl, who executive produced 2AM, said. “His perspective and music will be timely for people who want classic Christian hip hop in the sense of the ‘word’ and those who want banging beats and dope flows.”

2AM releases on Oct. 27.

“2 a.m. — whether you’re in the studio, riding or wherever you are — tends to be when you’re reflecting about the rawness of life,” Starks said. “I wanted that 2 a.m., raw edginess for the whole album.”

1. Intro (2AM) [prod. by Tone Jonez]
2. Holy Water (feat. Bhird) [prod. by DeeOnTheTrack & DHood]
3. Lionel Richie [prod. by DeeOnTheTrack]
4. Nirvana [prod. by Supaman]
5. Real Ones (feat. T-Word & Nico Wells) [prod. by GordonBeats]
6. Flashbacks [prod. by DeeOnTheTrack]
7. Flawless (feat. Bhird) [prod. by DeeOnTheTrack]
8. Don’t Sleep (feat. Derek Minor) [prod. by Jluv]
9. Water It (feat. Courtney Orlando) [prod. by Courtney Orlando]
10. Forest (feat. T-Word) [prod. by Supaman]
11. Thriller (feat. Mike Real) [prod. by Jluv]

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