Top 20 Christian Rappers of All Time

5. Krum (fka Playdough)

The world first heard about Playdough via his group Ill Harmonics’ audition on MTV’s The Cut, a show hosted by Lisa Lefteye Lopes of TLC, and similar to the much later American Idol. Whether solo, through Ill Harmonics or through his other groups Phonetic Composition with Freddie Bruno and their larger crew Deepspace5, he’s continued to pump out high quality material and perform on a regular basis.

“His aptitude for not just telling you a story but making you want to continue to listen to it is stellar,” says. “He has a playful delivery that is exactly what you might expect with a name like Playdough, but it’s truly not a game with this artist. He does a great job at what a lot of artists constantly miss that mark at, entertaining. You can love a song but not be entertained by it in the slightest. Playdough has no problem getting you to like his music and to be completely contented by it.”

Retail LPs:
1999 – PC Tools (with Phonetic Composition)
2000 – An Octave Above the Original (with Ill Harmonics)
2002 – Take Two (with Ill Harmonics)
2002- Lonely Superstar
2004 – Monkey Business (with Ill Harmonics)
2006 – Don’t Drink the Water
2007 – Modern Heart Exhibit (with Ill Harmonics)
2007 – All Smiles (with Phonetic Composition)
2010 – Writer Dye
2011 – Hotdoggin‍ ’​
2012 – Writer Dye: Deux or Dye
2014 – Gold Tips

4. Lecrae

There is one name that has taken Christian hip-hop further than anyone else, and has been heard and seen by more than anyone else. That name is Lecrae. Unfortunately, with all that notoriety has come criticism and the truth that you can’t please everyone.

“You’re the evolution, bro. You’re part of the evolution of what hip-hip was meant to be,” Sway Calloway told Lecrae on his show last year. “I don’t mean to be blasphemous, but [hip-hop] brought people together the same way Christianity has. What you’re doing with your music and your actions is reassurance for me that [hip-hop] is doing something right.”

Retail LPs:
2004 – Real Talk
2006 – After the Music Stops
2008 – Rebel
2010 – Rehab
2011 – Rehab: The Overdose
2012 – Gravity
2014 – Anomaly
2016 – Church Clothes 3

3. Braille

Braille showed flashes of brilliance in the booth before he could legally drive. Since 1999, the prolific emcee has churned out an enormous amount of celebrated music, both as a solo artist and with his groups Acts 29, Lightheaded and the currently active Beautiful Eulogy. He and Odd Thomas, who appeared earlier — are nurturing a whole new generation of artists on their label Humble Beast Records.

Retail LPs:
1999 – LifeFirst: Half the Battle
2002 – Under Exposed (with Acts 29)
2003 – Pure Thoughts (with Lightheaded)
2004 – Shades of Grey
2006 – Wrong Way (with Lightheaded)
2006 – Box of Rhymes
2008 – The IV Edition
2009 – CloudNineteen
2010 – Weapon Aid
2011 – Native Lungs
2012 – Satellite Kite (with Beautiful Eulogy)
2013 – Instruments of Mercy (with Beautiful Eulogy)

2. Jurny Big

Every rapper says they’re your favorite rapper’s favorite rapper, but Jurny Big might really be that. While the legendary LPG, Tunnel Rats and The Battery member has routinely shared the spotlight, his emceeing ability has still managed to always shine.

Retail LPs:
1995 – The Earthworm (with LPG)
1996 – Experience (with Tunnel Rats)
1998 – 360 Degrees (with LPG)
2001 – Tunnel Vision (with Tunnel Rats)
2003 – The Gadfly (with LPG)
2003 – Biggest of Them All
2004 – The Tunnel Rats (with the Tunnel Rats)
2013 – Two (with The Battery)
2015 – The Change Up (with The Battery)

1. Sup the Chemist

If we’re all standing on the shoulders of giants, we are most definitely standing on the shoulders of Sup The Chemist of SFC (Soldiers For Christ). In addition to his own artistic contributions, of beats and rhymes, his blazing of trails helped to build an infrastructure and economy that all who are involved today continue to benefit from. He also continually introduced listeners to other artists, such as the Tunnel Rats and Gospel Gangstaz to name a few.

If Christian hip-hop were to attempt to pinpoint a founder, it may as well be Sup the Chemist. His unrivaled influence isn’t why he’s on the list, though. He is the whole package and was ahead of his time artistically.

Retail LPs:
1989 – Listen Up (with SFC)
1990 – A Saved Man (in the Jungle) (with SFC)
1992 – Phase III (with SFC)
1994 – Illumination
2000 – Dust
2003 – Eargasmic Arrangements

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