Top 20 Christian Rappers of All Time

15. Sojourn

Sojourn is one of the most talented emcees in the Tunnel Rats, which is saying something, considering they’re pound-for-pound one of the most legendary groups in Christian hip-hop history. In addition to his solo efforts, he was also a part of the San Diego-based group Future Shock.

Retail LPs:
1996 – Remember The Future (with Future Shock)
2002 – The Art of Xenos: Entertaining Aliens (with Future Shock)
2009 – Sojournalism: The Summer Articles

14. Ozay Moore

Formerly known as Othello, Ozay Moore’s flow hasn’t diminished after nearly two decades of performing as a solo artist and member of celebrated groups Lojique and Lightheaded.

“There is something very nostalgic about the way in which Ozay performs,” Braille said. “He has the ability to connect with almost any audience you put in front of him. He takes the art of “moving the crowd” very serious. He doesn’t just want people staring at him disconnected, he engages the crowd with a sincere warmth. And not a commanding sense of, ‘Do this because I’m so dope,’ but he genuinely wants to share in the experience of the live show.”

Retail LPs:
2001 – Language Arts (with Lojique)
2003 – Pure Thoughts (with Lightheaded)
2005 – Elevator Music (as Othello)
2006 – Wrong Way (with Lightheaded)
2007 – Alive at the Assembly Line (as Othello)
2014 – Taking L’s

13. Odd Thomas

Though Odd Thomas doesn’t have an extensive solo catalog, he’s a veteran whose crisp flow and over-your-head lyricism has been apparent on his group Beautiful Eulogy’s two LPs.

“He’s stupid!” Janette…ikz told Rapzilla. “You would have to listen to his verse like four times to really understand the magnitude of what’s actually happening.”

Retail LPs:
2006 – The Divine Use of Animosity and Ridicule
2012 – Satellite Kite (with Beautiful Eulogy)
2013 – Instruments of Mercy (with Beautiful Eulogy)

12. Timothy Brindle

Timothy Brindle’s unique delivery and rhyme book for seminary students has led to the creation of perhaps multiple classic lyrical theology albums.

“Timothy has the most unique flow I have ever heard,” says Holy Culture. “We can dub it the ‘Brindle’ flow as I have never heard anyone else, apart from his blood brother, use this type of flow. This particular flow of words is such that he stretches words and syllables to make un-rhymable words rhyme.”

Retail LPs:
2003 – The Great Awakening
2006 – Killing Sin
2012 – The Restoration

11. The Ambassador

Speaking of lyrical theology, the face of the legendary group The Cross Movement helped pioneer of the subgenre with rhymes that inspired the biggest names in Christian hip-hop today — Lecrae, Andy Mineo, Trip Lee and more.

“Perhaps the original lyrical theologian, Amba may be at his best when he’s writing from the first person perspective on tracks like “Thug Joint” or “Whirlwind.” However, he’s also agile with the modern metaphors, may be the first MC to use the term “hypostatic union” in a verse,” Sketch the Journalist wrote for Wade-O Radio.

Retail LPs:
1997 – Heaven’s Mentality (with The Cross Movement)
1999 – House of Representatives (with The Cross Movement)
2000 – Christology in Laymen’s Terms
2000 – Human Emergency (with The Cross Movement)
2003 – Holy Culture (with The Cross Movement)
2004 – Higher Definition (with The Cross Movement)
2005 – The Thesis
2008 – The Chop Chop: From Milk to Meat
2011 – Stop the Funeral
2016 – When Sacred Meets Secular