Top 20 Christian Rappers of All Time

*Discographies are not exhaustive

20. RedCloud

Annually performing over 150 shows a year before a tour circuit for Christian hip-hop even existed, RedCloud controlled crowds with an unparalleled showmanship and freestyle ability. He once freestyled for over 18 hours straight (not at a concert).

Retail LPs:
2001 – Is This Thing On?
2003 – Traveling Circus
2007 – Hawthorne’s Most Wanted

19. Japhia Life

An East Coast emcee out of Philadelphia, Japhia Life has been telling memorable stories since his classic Pages of Life EP dropped in 2000.

“If you close your eyes for a minute and zone out while listening to “Fortunate,” you could even imagine it as early Nasty Nas, before he left behind Large Professor and went Escobar,” Rap Reviews said of Japhia on Pages of Life.

Retail LPs:
2004 – Hell’s Diary: The Healing LP
2006 – Fountain of Life
2010 – Nazareth
2012 – Westside Pharmacy
2014 – The Profit

18. Ahmad

Several years after Ahmad released his Billboard Hot 100 hit “Back in the Day” at age 18, he started an alternative Christian hip-hop band called 4th Avenue Jones, which the musicality of may have distracted from his ability as an emcee.

The band had moderate success on both Interscope and Gotee Records before Ahmad went solo again and signed with Syntax Records. Unfortunately, Ahmad never released an album under Syntax and decided to change directions again.

Retail LPs:
2000 – No Plan B (with 4th Avenue Jones)
2001 – Respect (with 4th Avenue Jones)
2003 – Gumbo (with 4th Avenue Jones)
2004 – Hiprocksoul (with 4th Avenue Jones)
2005 – Stereo (with 4th Avenue Jones)

17. Sho Baraka

Sho Baraka is so much more than a punchline rapper. The founding member of the 116 Clique and High Society Collective has been pushing the boundary creatively since his debut album, Turn My Life Up. Few are more innovative, and few are bolder.

“His ability to translate modern history and current social issues alongside his love of God as well as what he stands for as a man is impeccably done,” Soul Train said of Sho’s album Talented 10th.

Retail LPs:
2007 – Turn My Life Up
2010 – Lions and Liars
2012 – Circa MMXI – The Collective (with High Society Collective)
2013 – Talented 10th
2016 – The Narrative

16. Swoope

Swoope is one of the youngest active rappers on this list, which speaks to the level of lyricism the Akron-born emcee has displayed since just the turn of the decade.

“Swoope’s album the Wake Up woke me up,” Lecrae told Rapzilla. “That album just slapped me man. This dude is raising the bar.”

Retail LPs:
2009 – The Zoo
2012 – Circa MMXI – The Collective (with High Society Collective)
2012 – Wake Up
2014 – Sinema