Lecrae’s drummer releases new mini-documentary about his life and music

Drummer for Lecrae and Dove Award winning producer Nate “The BeatBreaker” Robinson released a mini-documentary about his life and music called Break The Limits: a look at the man behind the beat.

Watch the video below:

Press Release: “I’m a simple man that loves the Lord, my wife and my family. I just want to be the best man I can be.” These words spoken by Nate “The BeatBreaker” Robinson gives a clear depiction of the man behind the beat. “I want people to know” Nate says, “It’s not all peaches, it took a lot of work to get here”. Here being the final destination? Of course not. Here being only the beginning.

This original docufilm takes an intimate look into the life of Nate Robinson. More than just a percussionist and producer, Nate Robinson is a man that survived the struggle of raising a daughter at the early age of 15.

“My daughters’ mom was trying every trick in the book to not let me be a part of my daughter’s life.” – Nate Robinson

Yet, regardless of these extreme obstacles his daughter grew up to be a successful college graduate. Every moment in his life was only preparing him for something greater. It was never easy for Nate to grow up on the south side of Houston, Texas.

“I learned how to hustle and how to not get swallowed up by the Houston streets. All of that came from being challenged with really negative situations and having to decide; do I let it take me under or do I take the lesson, learn from the lesson, apply the lesson and turn it into gold on the other side!” – Nate Robinson

Nate did just that, but for him this is only the tip of the iceberg. Nate reshaped his destiny and is taking an active role in where it goes from here. With new music emerging in 2016 (possibly a Heard Not Seen Vol. 2 with some very special features), Nate is extremely excited about what the future holds for his career.

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